Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring Race Schedule

I am happy to report that I have committed myself, (aka pulled out the credit card), to a few races in the upcoming Spring months. My hope to prepare for a few spring races and stick to a training schedule all-year that will leave me well prepared for my first marathon this fall. Knowing myself, if I don't have something that keeps me running now, I will be struggling to get to the full 26.2 mile mark in November. 
Now that I have clicked the registration button, the hard part! While I have an half marathon under my belt, psychologically I feel like I am starting again from square one. After battling some knee pain after my last race in December and overcoming bronchitis in January, my running shoes have not hit pavement in over 3 months. Additionally, the bitter cold temperatures and blistery wind coupled with the early sunsets haven't been pushing me out the door. 
So it goes without saying that I am in need of some serious training to include getting these legs running again and pairing a weight lifting regime to my training to strengthen the muscles to support my knees. 

The Spring 2011 schedule begins with an easy 5K run in Washington DC. My friend Kerry organized a team,  "Team Java", to run in Scope It Out 5K, on March 20th. Of course, I always love the opportunity to run in the beautiful city of DC, but it doesn't get any better when you are running with great friends, for a great cause, and a yummy brunch afterward! 

Next on the list is the Marine Corp Historic Half. This race will take place in Fredericksburg, VA on May 15th. It will be great to run a half marathon again and attempt to improve upon my time from my first half marathon last year! Fredericksburg is just a short drive from here, but we have yet to make it down there for a visit. So it will be a great excuse for a short road trip down south! 

And to round out the Spring schedule, I have committed to a 10k in June. Not just any 10k, but the EX2adventures Off-Road 10K. Sounds fun, right?? Not sure what I was thinking with this one, but I signed Brian up for the half-marathon and figured I should join him by running the 10k. 
"Hit the trail and leave the road behind!" 
Good luck to me!! Hope they have an ambulance and rescue crew ready and waiting! Wait...just realized this race is in June! One of the hottest months in Washington DC! Yikes! 

So, I am hoping these races will keep me running all year and in good shape to do my first marathon in the Fall! 
So, first step tomorrow is to dust the cobwebs off the running shoes and at least get on the treadmill! 

Stay tuned for what should be an interesting training season! 

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