Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Week of Sasha

Well, a lot has happened since my last post on dog adoption! Yes, you guessed it, we adopted a dog! The process was much faster than we were prepared for, but Sasha (formally known as Lilly Petal) was brought into our life last Sunday and we have had a full week to get use to this new face in our family.
The first day we had Sasha we were a bit worried that she was too timid and submissive, but after a few days in our home, she quickly began to build a trusting relationship with us and her wild, puppy nature is slowly coming out! She is ready for her morning walk at 5 am and while still a bit timid around other dogs, she is always ready to play and jump! She is quickly learning how to sit and lay down, but treats must quickly come after those commands! Potty training is still working itself out, but we are confident we will soon find a routine that we are both comfortable with! While she has many great chew toys, her favorite toy is our cat Hera. Hera is not quite as excited as we are to welcome Sasha, in fact, she is actually quite disappointed that this new creature has taken over her domain and she is left powerless. While we am confident that Sasha and Hera will soon become inseparable, they are still learning about each other and figuring out how their two worlds can coexist.
Besides the love and affection that Sasha shows us daily, the best thing about having a dog in Northern Virginia, is that is forces you to get out often and early. 5 am walks are the routine and this past weekend we made two trips to the dog park. Not only are we getting to walk the great neighborhoods of Arlington, but also meeting many of the other dog lovers that are our neighbors. We are already anticipating all the great hikes that can take when the when the weather gets warmer and Sasha becomes more accustomed to walking on the leash.
Although a hike would be great, it is hard to beat a morning at the Shirlington Dog Park.
Dogs of all type and size converge upon this great dog park in Arlington and owners get to sit back and watch their pups get a great workout. The dogs get to run off leash, wrestle, chase each other and fight over every stick on the ground. You don't realize how great this kind of space is until you find yourself living in a city where open space is not plentiful! There are two sections of the dog park, one for smaller, younger dogs and the other space for all other dogs. While Sasha finds herself too big for the puppy pen and too small for the big dog space, she manages to find friends in both and does some great running!
Both times we have taken her, she has slept the remaining day away! I can't wait to take her again next weekend!

Our adoption coordinator characterized Sasha as a lab mix, but we have also had some comments that she might have some ridgeback in her as well. So we are a little unsure of what she will look like once she is grown, but it will be fun to watch her grow and become a part our family!

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