Friday, March 25, 2011

Scope It Out 2011

Last weekend (I need to get better about writing in "real-time"!) Brian and I ran in our first race of the year! It was only a 5k, but it was for a great cause! I say "only a 5k" like that is easy for me, but it actually kicked my booty. I haven't been running at all this year and to just get up on Sunday morning and run 3 miles was a rude awakening that my body quickly forgot to stay in shape! Funny how that works when you don't hit the pavement in over 8 weeks...
Luckily, I ran with my friend Molly the whole way, which was a good motivator to keep a nice, steady pace. And it was a great opportunity for us to catch up! 5K goes by much faster when you are talking about food blogs and vacations!

My former colleague and friend Kerry organized Team Java for a close friend of hers that has had to fight colon cancer. We were honored to be invited to run with Team Java and to be part of  such a great race. National Colon Cancer Awareness Month hosts a variety of events in DC, but Scope it Out has become one of the largest annual colon cancer awareness events in the country.  Thousands of people come out to support an important cause by walking and running a scenic course up Pennsylvania Avenue to the US Capitol, symbolically taking the message to the doorstep of our nation's decision makers.

We were fortunate to have some very strong runners in our group resulting in Team Java coming in 3rd place!
I kept a steady 10:00 min. mile pace which is definitely not something to brag about, but at least I finished and now know I need to do some serious training!
The other great thing about getting up early on Sunday to race is the opportunity to go to brunch right after! We all gathered in one of my favorite DC restaurants, Commissary, for a much deserved bunch! Nothing like home fries and toast on a Sunday morning!

It was a bit cold out! 
We were all wearing lots of layers despite the fact that this picture was taken right after the race! 

Next race on the calendar is the Marine Corp Half Marathon on May 15th. Yikes....that is coming sooner than I like to admit. It is going to take some serious focus to get me ready for that!
First step though, is buying new running shoes! Sasha decided by old shoes had run too many miles and she chewed through my left shoe. So out to the running store this weekend to get a new pair to take me through 2011

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