Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sign of Spring

After a week of heavy rain and cold winds, the first sight of sun and moderate temperatures brought everyone out to enjoy the weekend weather. While there are no spring buds in sight yet, I think everyone is anxious to dust off the bicycles and bring out the shorts, winter is done here!
We hopped in the car and took Sasha on a walk in Scott's Run Nature Preserve. There are a lot of great parks along the Potomac River that offer great trails and views of water falls and rivers. It is so nice to be a short drive from a great day hike. Another one of the perks of living in the DC area! You can have city life and 30 mins later, you can feel secluded in nature.
Scott's Run Nature Preserve in McLean, VA is within 1 mile of the beltway and encompasses a 2-3 mile loop. While some of the terrain is rugged, there are gravel trails that make this a very family friendly hike. There was actually a group of boy scouts a few steps ahead of us for some of the trail.

There were also a lot of pets enjoying the trail. Some that were even well behaved enough to enjoy a splash in the water without their leash on. Of course, Sasha can't quite be trusted without her leash and she hasn't quite built up the confidence to wade in the water alone.

As you can see by the pictures, the trees are still bare and fall leaves still mat the floor, but Scott's Run is actually known to have beautiful spring wildflowers. Guess we will have to make a return visit in a few weeks!

Another great thing about Virginia/Maryland trails, is the history of the land. As we rounded the last stretch of the hike, we passed the site of an old homestead with only its chimney still standing. Not an uncommon site for trails in VA/DC/MD.
Due to the large amount of rain that we received last week, the rivers were gushing and some of the trails were even covered with water. It is always a site to see the how fast and full the Potomac is just north of DC.

All and all, I would rate this trail a 5 (out of 10). It is convenient to the city, but you can still hear the buzz of the beltway not too far away. Easy trails and lots of rivers and small falls make this a great walk when you need to spend some time outside but don't have the time to drive far. Plus, no entry fee and plentiful parking.

I look forward to being back when the flowers are blooming and mud has dried!
Sasha enjoyed her time there, despite having to sit through the car ride over there. She hasn't quite beat the car sickness issue, so getting to and from our hikes and our trips to the park are always interesting. We are hoping she out grows it!

Next weekend's forecast is looking good too, maybe even a day in the 70s! I am really looking forward to that! Until then...another week in my office cube....

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