Sunday, May 1, 2011

To the market!

Wow, how is it May already? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting about all the exciting things I wanted to do in April. Sadly, that was my only post in April and even sadder, I didn't do any of those fun things! After returning from San Antonio in early April, I came down with a terrible flu-like bug that took me out for weeks! I haven't been that sick in awhile. Well....I should say, I haven't felt that sick in weeks. Between an ugly case of bronchitis in January and severe allergies in Feb. and March, I feel as though I have been sick for all of 2011! So I spent most of April indoors trying to recover.

This was the first whole weekend that I felt totally normal. The kleenex use has decreased significantly and I have all my taste buds back! 

So I took advantage of feeling better and the gorgeous sunny day to check out Eastern Market. I am ashamed to say, but in the 2 years that I have lived in the DC area, I have never been to Eastern Market. I have been to restaurants and shops in the area, but have never walked the streets of the market on a weekend. Eastern Market is Washington's DC's oldest operating fresh food public market. It has been around in some form for over 136 yrs! It is located in the beautiful Capitol Hill neighborhood and is easily accessible from the metro.  

Instantly I was in love. All the fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and delicious aromas were enough to capture my attention for a couple of hours. 

First I made a quick round through all the fruit and veggie stands and inside the North Hall. North Hall houses more of the established vendors that include a butcher, fish market, bakery and additional produce stands. It was so full of people, you couldn't even move. So I immediately went back outside and did a second round by the outdoor vendors and took the time to take in the sights and smells of all the wonderful produce. Look at these great colors: 

It was tough to resist buying everything, so since many of the vendors only accept cash I made a trip to the ATM and only took out $20 and vowed to not spend more than that. (I also vowed to be back again next weekend!)

The one thing I was most interested in was buying herbs so I can start a herb garden on our apartment balcony. There was a lot to chose from, but I decided to start with a beautiful rosemary plant and basil. Two of my favorite herbs! (Only $6 for three large plants)

In addition to my herb purchase, I bought a couple ears of corn and potatoes for dinner tonight and treated myself to a delicious, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. It was delicious! There were lots of fresh fruit options to mix-in with your lemonade. What a great idea! 

I resisted all the food stands that included many different options from organic soups, fresh doughnuts, and BBQ. There was also tons of beautiful art that got me thinking about all the fun gifts I could get that would differ from my normal gift card or bottle of wine. 

And of course, it doesn't hurt to have your walk through the market serenaded by beautiful saxophone music...

Of course, many of the other markets in the DC area offer the same things that Eastern Market does, but it was a great experience for me to do some outdoor shopping on a beautiful day. 

You can see all my Eastern Market pictures at my new photography website here

I look forward to writing about more of my market finds and keeping you posted on how my herb garden does! 

Happy Market Shopping and Happy May Day! 

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