Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012! Hard to believe it is the start to another year, but a new year brings new things! I know that 2012 may not be the easiest year for me with training and everything I have going on, but I am excited for the challenge and change that this year may bring.
I started the year off right by doing my weekly long run. The weather was beautiful and the streets were quiet. I enjoyed mid-50 degree weather and a bright shining sun. We walked the streets of Old Town on New Year's Eve which were filled with people so it was nice to go back the next morning to empty streets. I guess one of the perks of having a quiet New Year's Eve is that you are not nursing a hang-over the next day and are able to get up and go for a 10 mile run! The perfect start to a new year!

I am 3 weeks into my marathon training plan and so far things are going smoothly. I had a pretty solid base from running a few half marathons, so luckily my long runs up to this point have been manageable. I have been experiencing some "runner knee" symptoms, so I am going to do some investigating into what I can do to get my knees strong and ready for the longer runs that lie ahead.
For now, I am letting some Trade Joes peas do the job of rehab! I am pretty sure frozen peas were made for sports injuries. They fall perfectly into place around your knee and thaw just before you start to experience ice burn.... Unfortunately, I don't think they travel well to races, so I won't be that girl that pulls out the bag of peas after the race!

I also took some time today to get fitted for new running shoes! New Year, New Shoes!  Typically, my shoe buying strategy includes anything that is on sale and in a pretty color, so I decided  since I am giving this marathon training some serious effort, I better get serious about my shoes and get the help of professionals that know a little something about running shoes. 
I visited the Potomac River Running Store in Arlington, one of my new favorite running stores, and had a gait analysis. A gait analysis is simply having someone determine your foot strike. They have you run on a treadmill and determine which shoe will support your specific foot strike, training needs and arch.  It was recommended to me that I get a size 9 shoe, which is one size bigger than I usually wear. This is because your feet normally swell while running and by mile 20, I am going to need a little extra space! 
I ended up getting the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 shoes. All the shoes I tried on were comfortable, but these shoes fit like a glove. Pretty sure they are going to make me fly! :) 

I have raised $75 to date, which is progress but still a very long way to go! Thank you to my two donors,  my wonderful mother-in-law and wonderful sister! Love you both for your generous support!
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Training Progress
So here is where we are at with my training plan. I was lucky to sneak into my sister's gym over the holiday break and get in a 6 mile treadmill run. I will admit that I probably indulged in one too many christmas cookies and holiday goodies, so I am in total detox mode starting tomorrow! Bring on the green smoothies! 



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