Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instant happiness

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love food! All food! Healthy food, indulgant food, home cooked food...you name it..I will probably at least try it.
So to branch out my awareness of all great things food-related, I started following and reading several food blogs. While there are hundreds of food blogs out there and I, myself, would love to one day have the time and discipline to write a food blog, there are a few blogs that I follow daily. The blogs that I tend to revisit and get great ideas from are those that mix a good dose of food indulgance with some kick-butt fitness tips and workouts. So natually I find myself loving the blog The Lean Green Bean. Lindsay is studying to be a registered dietitian and provides great receipes, nutrition tips, motivation for reaching your goals and some great workouts that you can do at your gym or home. She is also the genius behind, Foodie Penpals. Lindsay started the program in Sept 2011 and now there are over 200 members enrolled! Basically, you sign up to be a penpal, get paired up to with someone that either has a blog or is a blog reader and you fill a box with goodies and send away! I love this idea! Not only does it give me an excuse to do some fun food shopping but I get to come home to a package of goodies waiting for me!

Foodie Penpals

I think it is instant happiness to come home to a box with your name on it and you know there is probably going to be some good stuff in it! My package came all the way from the great state of Wisconsin! Angie of Pint of  Goals (love the name!), did an amazing job of packing up some of my favorite, healthy items! Angie is also training for her first marathon, so she knows some of the best stuff that the blogging community shares for workout fuel!

Look at all this goodness....
Of all the blogs I read, a majority of the authors start their day with slow cooked oats, topped with sunbutter! YUM! I am so excited that I now have the good stuff to make this for my next breakfast!
And while there is little communication between penpals about preferences or requests, Angie managed to send me my FAVORITE energy bar. Larabars are great and she included some flavors that I have not tried yet!
And this my friends is gold in a jar. At least according to the food blogging community. I have read countless posts about how good this stuff is! So I am ready to experience my first ever sunbutter tasting! I think I have a banana waiting to be covered in this....or maybe I will just eat it straight for the jar.... no harm in that. Right?
Angie also must have known my new favorite snack is good dark chocolate. And boy, is this stuff delicious! It is the one thing that got opened immediately. I have tried to be disciplined and only sneak a small bite every time I am in the kitchen, but I was finding myself in the kitchen all the time and the chocolate slowing disappearing! That's weird...
Of course, I was not the only one that was excited to get some treats in the mail! The fur children were just as thrilled! What you don't see clearly in this picture is the cat putting on her boxing gloves and preparing for the fight with the dog's nose. No one is coming near her dates! NO ONE!

Angie did an amazing job of finding some of my all time favorite items and introducing me to new things that I have been wanting to try. Thank you Angie!

To see what I sent my foodie penpal, check out Maria's blog at A Life to Bragg About

I can't wait to do this again next month. If you are interested in participating email Lindsay at theleangreenbean@gmail.com

Thank you Lindsay for introducing me to my new monthly obsession! :)


  1. ahhhh Mariza I love your blog and have fun eating all that yummy goodness I'm completely obsessed with those bars. They are sooo delish! Happy eating and happy running I'm sooo proud of you!!!!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed my box of treats! I was worried the glass may have broken, but it is good to see it in one piece. You will absolutely love the sunflower seed butter...mmm...so good on everything. Happy eating (and drinking the Zico I guess)!

  3. I just bought the peppermint in dark chocolate YESTERDAY and love it. I wish there were little pieces of peppermint in there though!

  4. can't wait to hear what you think of the sunbutter

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