Monday, May 21, 2012

EX2 Adventure 10k Recap

The weekend weather was sunny and in the high 70s. Perfect weather like that could only mean one thing in my mind....running a race! I will admit it is hard to get out of bed at 6 am on a Saturday but when you have a trail race scheduled, it is almost too hard to sleep.
I have been anxiously awaiting this race for a few reasons. One of those reasons being that it was a trail race. I don't do much trail running (this only being my 2nd trail race) but I actually really enjoy it and always wish I would take more time to go out and do it more often. Of course you don't need to sign up for a race to actually go out and run on trails, but it is nice to have someone else lay out the course and get things prepared for you. This trail race took place in Prince William Forest. This is one of my favorite DC area trails. It is a short 30 min drive from DC and there are plenty of streams and small waterfalls to enjoy. If you live in the DC area, please go check it out for yourself!

This is my 2nd time running this particular race and I enjoyed the trail just as much as I remember. It was a good combination of steep hills and flat terrain.
The other reason that I was particularly excited about this race is because racing and finishing a trail 10k in under 60 mins is one of my running goals for 2012. Last year I did the same race and finished in 1:17:00 which is pretty long for a 10k but it was one of my first races and first ever trail race.
Despite having a pretty diappointing time for my first 10k race, I really enjoyed the race and wanted to do better. As I look back at that race, it really was the impetus for me to start focusing on getting healthier and more physically fit. I really struggled to finished those 6.2 miles especially the hills and I really wanted to be able to hang with the other runners. So I remember finishing that race not terribly happy with my 1:17:00 time, but determined to start doing things that would make me more capable of doing races like this. And this was a race that Brian and I did together and I wanted to be able to hang with him in other races if that was something that we decided to start doing together.

Post-10k smile...
So a year later, many pounds lighter and with much more strength to run up hills, I plowed through the 10k course and had a great time. At the end I was actually wishing it would go for a few more miles (they have a 13.1 mile course that I will def. be signing up for next year!). Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal of finishing under 60 mins. I finished at 63:20. I was wearing my garmin so I knew I wasn't going to make it but still pushed through and finished as quickly as I could.
While I am disappointed that I didn't make my goal time, I had such a fun time racing and it was such a different experience from the first time I ran that course. I am completely ok with not meeting my goal this time and I am actually excited to have a reason to run another 10k trail run before the year is over.
And look what else is pretty exciting:

 I came in 5th place in my age group!! Woohoo!! No need to talk about how big my age group was....BUT....still exciting that I was not second to last, which was the case last year!

I would highly recommend EX2 Adventure races to anyone!! They are really well organized and are usually pretty small.

Any race that has this waiting for you at the end:

is a winner in my book! Watermelon and two best friends!

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