Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

It's that time again! I love that every month I can count on a box waiting for me that is full of delicious treats. I will admit, doing this for a few months, I am starting to run out of ideas of what I can send. I fear that my pen pal probably lives at Traders Joes and has eaten everything I have bought them (because that is where I have been loading up on goodies!) But lucky for me, my penpal for this month does not live near a Traders Joes and I was able to share some of their awesomeness with her. Head over to Fitness Girl Kitchen Stories to see what I sent Maria!

Now, back to my box! I got a great box from Mackenzie of Wealth is Health. (Check out her blog, a fellow Crossfit lover!)The best thing about foodie pen pals is that you get sent stuff you probably wouldn't normally buy for yourself, so it really is an indulgence to snack on the contents of your package throughout the month.
I am not the only one that waits eagerly for the package to arrive...
My package this month has lots of good stuff that I have never tried, which is hard since I like to eat everything. Actually, I take that back, I LOVE Luna bars and have had several, but my box contained a flavor that I have not had, Nutz Over Chocolate.  I had this for dessert last night and it was delicious. Just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy my craving. (And I kinda like to pretend these bars are made esp. for me since my maiden name is Luna...)

Chia Seeds! I have been wanting to buy these for a LONG time, but have just not gotten around to doing it. Now what to do with them??! I have no idea, but surely they can be thrown in my morning smoothie.

The other thing I am sure excited to try is Blueberry honey!! Sounds delicious, right? We are so happy to welcome Mr. Honey Bear to the family. He will surely be loved.
Oh, and I am afraid to report that these almonds, aka as the most addicting food ever, did not last longer than a few hours. They were coated in a sweet, savory something.... I am not sure what it is, but I was in love. I couldn't walk away.... It is a good thing that I have no idea what they were coated in, so I can't recreate or buy them again.
There was also some yummy granola and some key lime dip mix included. I can't wait to try both! Everything in this box was truly unique!

Thank you Mackenzie for treating me to many delicious, new goodies!

For more info on Foodie Pen Pals, visit The Lean Green Bean!
The Lean Green Bean

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  1. I'm glad you liked everything! I wish I could recreate those almonds too, but until I figure it out I will have to keep buying them from the store lol! On another note, I love my chia seeds in yogurt, over night oats, pancakes, the sky is the limit really...just be sure to check your teeth before you head off to an important meeting ;)