Friday, August 3, 2012

Whole 30-Day 3

Another day down! Overall, another good Whole30 day. No serious cravings but I had the urge to nap ALL day! I gave into the urge around 6 pm and woke up ravenous!
My eats for the day include:

  • Breakfast: Banana with 2 tablespoons of sunbutter
  • Lunch: grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, roasted brussels sprouts, and watermelon (yum!)
  • Dinner: Omelet with bacon, peppers, & onions with a side fruit salad
Tomorrow is Saturday, which is normally started with baking cinnamon rolls or waffles. There is no doubt the weekend will be my biggest challenge.  To avoid giving into temptation, I am planning a hard Saturday morning workout and Sunday morning bike ride, a big Whole30 grocery shopping trip,  a trip to the pool, yoga, and a massage.  I have found I am much more likely to stay compliant when I am doing things that make me feel good and utilize all the energy I am gaining from cleaning up my diet. Of course, digging into a good book and taking lots of naps is on my agenda too. Naps certainly help! 

To prep for my grocery shopping trip, I am planning out my lunches and dinner for next week. I will admit, I was not really prepared to start the Whole30 this week. Luckily I had a few things in the fridge to get me through the week and I was took advantage of the salad bar for lunch, but I am hoping to go into next week more prepared. I have stumbled across this great site: Nom Nom Paleo. There are so many GREAT, yummy recipes that I really want to try.  I am going to pick a few for next week and will report back on how they turn out.  

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Just happened upon your post, that breakfast is carb + a little fat, no protein, and not nearly enough of any of it, no wonder you were tired! You're supposed to have a good solid portion of protein and fat and vegetables, fruit is sometimes.