Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whole 30-Day 4

Today was a special day at our Crossfit gym.  CF gyms across the country and world united to do the same workout, "The 31 Heros WOD". This WOD is dedicated to honor the 30 men and 1 military dog killed in action on August 6, 2011.  What started as a workout shortly after the event to raise money quickly grew to over 430 gyms hosting the WOD.  You can see a list of names of those we honor at the 31heroes website.

So the WOD was:
AMRAP 31 minutes

  • 8 thrusters (85#)
  • 30 pullups + 30 burpees
  • 11 box jumps + 11 burpees
This was a partner workout that was scaled. So as partner #1 was doing the work above, partner #2 was running 400 m with a 25# plate. 

This was a tough one. Somehow I always ended up doing burpees and box jumps, while my partner did thrusters and pullups. So 31 mins of running, burpees and box jumps left my legs VERY tired. 

After that work out, our Crossfit Affiliate League team did another 31 min workout!  This 31 min AMRAP (done about 20 mins after the first AMRAP) consisted of: 
  • 12 burpees
  • 15 kettlebell swings (16 kg)
  • 18 sit ups
  • 400 m run with 25# sandbag
It was quite the workout, esp. after doing another 31 min AMRAP.  Crossfit WODs are not normally more than 30 mins, so doing two 30 min workout was unusual and really tough, but it will help build my endurance and get ready for the DC Crossfit Affiliate League competition. (more on this later)

I mistakenly slept in a bit late so didn't have breakfast before my workout. Boy, did I regret that! Had I known I was in for 2 hours at the gym, I would have fueled a bit better. Lesson learned! 

Here is what my day of food consisted of: 
  • Breakfast: handful of dried mango
  • Lunch: grilled chicken salad with apples, grapes, and strawberries
  • Dinner: Chipotle salad bowl with carnitas. Super yum!!
After a long workout, I did not have much energy to do very much today. A movie, nap, Olympic watching, dog walk and now curling up to a book make up my Saturday. 
Looking forward sleeping really well tonight!

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