Friday, August 10, 2012

Whole30-Day 10

Happy Friday! Excited that it is Friday and excited that I am in double digits of the Whole30. Only 20 more days to go!
It was a rainy day where I could have easily stayed in my PJs all day and watched the Olympics. I am definitely going to have Olympic withdraws next week.  I took advantage of the rainy day to do some serious writing at work and was able to duck out in time to make it to a 5:30 barre class. There is a new barre studio in Clarendon called Lava Barre.

Barre studios are popping up everywhere in the DC area.  As a former dance studio and dance team member, I love the idea of a barre workout. Dancing is a great workout and barre classes are designed for a low impact workout that gives you long, lean muscles. And who doesn't want a dancer's body?! I have tried a few classes at a studio called Bar Method in DC and have also bought several DVDs for barre workouts. While a barre workout doesn't quite give you a cardio workout, it is a good overall workout that utilizes muscles you didn't know you have and incorporates lots of good stretching.  It is also surprising at who quickly the movements get your heart beat up! The local Clarendon Lululemon store does a great job of sponsoring free classes at neighborhood fitness studios and gyms. Every month a different studio is selected and free classes are offered to anyone! (Lulu gear not required) I have taken advantage of these free classes plenty of times. It is a great way to try something new and get in a free, fun workout.  From yoga classes, spin classes and yes, even Crossfit classes, they do a good job of mixing things up each month. So I was very excited to hear that this month's free class was at Lava Barre.  Most barre studios are pretty pricey so it is great to have the opportunity to try out a few classes for free before committing to a package.

The yoga studio

The barre studio (I look a bit like a creeper in this picture)

The workout and instructor were great. As expected, the arm portions of the workout were the hardest for me. I was surprised at how strong my legs have become and how long it took for the burn to start in my legs. I guess all those squats are paying off! A typical workout includes about 5 mins of working each of the major muscle groups and stretching after each group is worked. I knew I was in trouble when my abs started burning after the warm up.  Engaging your core is a big focus here and you are reminded of that the entire hour! The instructor did a good job of choreographing good music to each of the movements and keeping a good pace for all the movements. One of the things I don't like about the DVDs is the pace. After watching the DVDs a few times, you understand the form and movements and don't need all the instruction, so they can get a bit slow. This class moved really quickly and you were always being challenged. Although, I saw a few people that looked very new to barre and could have used a bit more instruction on alignment and tucking!

They don't look heavy, but get super heavy after awhile!

Again, looks innocent, but cause some serious hurting!
This was a fun workout and a good way to end a Friday. I am pretty sure my abs and arms will be pretty sore tomorrow! I have signed up for the next free class and am looking forward to it!

Whole30 Update:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled
  • Lunch: Chipotle salad with steak
  • Snack: cup of almonds and plum
  • Dinner: bunless hamburger with avocado and sweet potato
  • Workout: Barre 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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