Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whole30-Day 5

Oh how I love lazy Sundays.  Sleeping in and watching Andy Murray win the gold medal in tennis made for a nice, slow morning.  No workout for this gal. After lounging around all morning, I took advantage of one of my many yoga DVDs and stretched out all the soreness that resulted from yesterday's brutal workout.  And to make sure all the soreness was completely gone, I treated myself to a  massage. Ah...perfect way to spend a Sunday. Yoga, massage and Olympic watching!

While the day is not over yet, I think I can successfully say that I made it through the whole weekend without any Whole30 cheats! YAY for me! Weekends are tough and ice cream is sitting my in freezer calling my name but here are some of the ways I combat cravings and temptations:

  • If I am craving something, I get some water to drink. Preferably with lemon or lime.  That is normally enough to distract me and quench my craving.
  • Get out of the kitchen. Have you ever found yourself staring inside the pantry waiting for something delicious to just manifest itself? I do this all the time, esp. when I am trying to comply with Whole30.  So when I feeling cravings coming on, I stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. This may seem like a no brainer, but going for a walk, run, or running an errand can work wonders in distracting you. 
  • Eat protein. Having some pre-made chicken or boiled eggs handy really helps. If you are hungry and don't have the patience to cook something, it will be easy to grab that bag of chips to satisfy your hunger. 
  • Out of sight, out of mouth.  Don't even tempt yourself, clean out the pantry for 30 days. Pack away food that you don't want to eat or give it away.  This is hard to do when you live with someone that isn't eating the same as you, so in that case, put their food out of sight. Make sure the first thing you see when you open the freezer is not the box of ice cream!
  • Bring out the yoga mat. Even if you only know 1 or 2 yoga poses, spending 5 mins doing them and just breathing can be enough to get you focused on feeling good enough that you will remember how badly that piece of bread with butter will make you feel. Stretch, breath, and focus. 
  • Don't feed the fire. Sugar cravings can be the worst! Really! You can have headaches, screaming at your family, and basically turning into a sugar demon. When you have a sugar craving, don't feed it with more sugar.  Even though fruit is Whole30 compliant, don't pick up an apple when you get that late night craving for something sweet.  Back to my 3rd point above, eat protein. 
What are your tips for beating cravings? 

My Sunday fuel: 
  • Breakfast: 2 cups of shredded chicken breast (low on groceries!)
  • Lunch: Chipotle steak salad (yes, chipotle again, so delicious!)
  • Dinner: Whole roasted chicken and steamed squash
  • Workout: 1 hour yoga and massage (yes, I count a massage as a workout)
Too bad tomorrow is Monday :(

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  1. Waiting for food to appear in my refrigerator or pantry is the story of my life...I think I have been doing that ever since I can remember. UGH!!