Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whole30-Day 9

Today was a bit of a fail. I didn't fall off the Whole30 wagon, but I failed at preparation. Remember I said I was going to a all day conference today? Well, I elected to sleep in a little bit more than I had planned and only had about 30 mins to get ready by the time I climbed out of bed.
30 mins is more than enough time for me to get ready and out the door but it meant no breakfast.
I grabbed a banana for the road hoping that the conference would have fresh fruit or possibly even eggs?Nope. They had coffee and pastries.
So I snacked on a bag of almonds I had in my purse and drank lots of hot tea.
Lunch rolled around and I was hoping for a nice buffet of meat and salad....Nope. Box lunches.
Each box included a sandwich, bag of chips, the biggest chocolate chip cookie ever, pasta salad and an apple.
I ate the chicken out of the sandwich and polished off the apple.  To head off my hunger, I was drinking lots of water and tea.  I came home about an hour before my Crossfit workout and quickly ate a bowl of kale and a plum but didn't want a full belly for my workout.  After my workout, I took Sasha for a long walk and we checked out a neighborhood concert that they have every Thursday night during the summer. Since I had Sasha, I was not able to go into any of the restaurants, but strapped her to a tree where she could see me and ran into a Subway and ordered their roasted chicken breast salad. It was pretty bad. I would not recommend it at all, but I guess that is why you get sandwiches from Subway and not salads. Lesson learned.

So had I been a bit more prepared for my day with pre-cooked food and snacks, I would not have been so hungry and sluggish all day. Not a big deal, but something that I will remember next time I am at a conference.

Despite my hungry day, I am excited that tomorrow is Friday and even more excited about the USA women's soccer win. YAY! What an exciting game! Too bad the Olympics are coming to a close. I have really enjoyed watching them and learning about all the different sports. Normally I would just watch swimming and gymnastics, but I am really loving all the events that I can catch on TV! Esp. women's track! Whoa..those girls are amazing!

Day 9 food:
  • Breakfast: Banana
  • Snack: almonds
  • Lunch: handful of sliced chicken breast, tomato slice and apple
  • Snack: plum and bowl of kale
  • Dinner: nasty subway salad with roasted chicken
  • Snack: apple with sun butter
  • Workout: Crossfit: Broad jumps (fun!) and WOD- 3 rounds of: 800 m run, 10 broad jump burpees, 15 kettle bell push ups, and 30 kettle bell swings

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