Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the next 8 weeks.....

A new year..new things..new motivation...fresh start! While change can happen at any time, there is something about a new year that fuels the fire for self improvement and goal setting and the beginning of this year is no different. I look back at 2012 with quite a bit of pride at what I was able to accomplish and go into 2013 with even higher ambitions of what is possible. When it comes to my 2013 goals, I have set the bar pretty high. I am expecting a lot out of myself and have no doubt it won't be easy and I may even fail at some. In fact, I know I will fail at some because if every goal I set in 2013 was achieved, I probably didn't set the bar high ENOUGH. So I am prepared to fail, prepared to learn from the failures but also prepared to be incredibly successful.  Sound a bit boastful? Well, it is! But I have come to realize when it comes to setting goals and actually achieving them, the key factor to success is personal responsibility and I have to believe in myself.  
This isn't a new concept to me.  Whether I am in school, at work, in the gym, or with friends or family, I am constantly reminded that I am responsible for my own actions.  I excel when I am given a task or mission from another party and have to produce an end product for someone else but when it comes to setting goals for myself and my life, no one is there every step of the way to monitor me or keep me accountable.  It is only me. My personal responsibility to  myself. And sometimes I find this hard. Hard to motivate myself to do things that at the end of the day will just benefit me.  I have always had the support of my family and friends and their support is vital to my success but at the end of the day, any excuses or barriers that I let get in the way were my responsibility.  I can be the queen of excuses, but really, the excuses don't really matter if I am only excusing myself from my guilty conscience.  So I am going into 2013 with a list of ambitions goals that will fully depend on my ability to be accountable to myself! 
I like setting goals because it drives me to continue to be a better person. I like the idea of constant self improvement and thriving rather then just surviving.  I learned a lot about myself in 2012 and now expect quite a bit out of myself for 2013!

I think back to why I started this blog in 2010 and why I named it what it is... "My Indulge". When I started this blog I was in a phase of life where I was experiencing so many things I could have never fathomed growing up. A small town girl that moved to the nation's capitol! I was sitting in White House meetings, networking with city power players, eating amazing food, going to old historic bars for cocktails I have never heard of, seeing the monuments light up at night (still a sight that awes me) and meeting people from all over the world that had amazing life stories to tell.  There were days when I truly felt that my life was pretty indulgent! And originally...yes, the idea was to write about food! Food so good that it needed to written about, photographed and replicated! So many new tastes and experiences when moving to a city! As my life in the DC area has evolved I still feel very indulgent in the things I get to do here, but have also recognized and appreciated the true indulgences that I allow into my life.  When a work week gets long and hard, a long run is indulgent for me. When I have built up stress and aggression, throwing some heavy weights around at crossfit is indulgent for me, when I am lacking energy and focus, a trip to the Whole Foods salad bar is indulgent for me! So, it isn't just the amazing cupcake or cocktail that I have found to be indulgent in this city, rather it is the things that I take the time to do for myself and make me feel good that are my true indulgences. 

So I am about to  embark on 8 weeks that will truly test my personal responsibility but may not be the most indulgent!   It is  an 8 week nutrition program. This means 8 weeks of clean eating (no processed food, artificial sugar, Whole30 standards). And you will notice I say this is a PROGRAM. Not a challenge or contest, but a program focused on nutrition and well being. Not only will I be cleaning up the way I eat, but I will be aiming more sleep,  consistent workouts and focusing on healthy habits. 
In the summer of 2011, I did my first 6 week nutrition program and to say it was life changing would definitely be a understatement.   That 6 weeks changed the way I thought about nutrition and fitness and overall changed my relationship with food.  I still LOVE food...if anything, I love it even more after that 6 week program! But I now appreciate good food, value what good food can do for me and savior the moments when I do allow for some indulgent treats! 

I will be using this blog for the next 8 weeks to post pictures of my food, write about my experience and share in the misery  experience of other fellow nutrition program participants! Aside from the fact that the success or failure of this program will solely rely on my own personal responsibility, I know for certain that I would never get through this 8 weeks with out the support of the CFSA community! Their motivation will keep me moving through each day! And it doesn't hurt that to have a group of people ready and willing to go out with you on a Friday night for club sodas! 

Stay tuned.... 

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