Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meals for day 15 is cold out! It was 19 degrees when I took Sasha out for a walk this morning and not much warmer when we went out for a walk tonight. It makes me a bit envious that dogs can go outside in 100 degree weather or 19 degree weather and be just as happy and excited to run around. I, on the other day, couldn't feel my nose or toes. I am also envious that Sasha gets to curl up in her bed and nap for 8 hours a day. That lucky girl! 

Today my company celebrated employee appreciation day. They put up motivation posters and left stickers with messages of appreciation all over the office. There was also an appreciation breakfast that was ready and waiting for us when we all arrived to work. This wasn't just your normal office breakfast of bagels, pastries and fruit, it was a full spread of every breakfast food you could imagine. There was french toast, egg casserole, scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, potatoes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and several different types of breakfast pastries (including favorite!).  I was prepared for this to happen and decided to have breakfast at home rather then depend on the served breakfast to have options that I could eat.  The temptation was great, but I wasn't hungry and was able to attend, drink my tea and chat with people that I don't normally get to see on a daily basis. Another point for me and preparation! woot woot! 

Here are my meals for the day: 
Two eggs with a side of salsa

Left-over carnitas with cherry tomatoes and a snack pack of Wholy Guac. I also had an apple on the side but it rolled out of the picture. 

Grilled chicken, kale with olive oil and lemon, and an avocado. Is there such a thing as too many avocados in one day? If so...please don't tell me. 

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