Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 2

The key to success in the Whole30 or any lifestyle change is preparation. The last two weeks of this program have been fairly easy for me largely due to my preparation. I spent a lot of time plotting out my grocery trips, cooking recipes that were large enough for me to eat for several subsequent meals and doing research prior to eating at any restaurant. All this preparation take time and can be inconvenient, but I have to admit, I kind of thrive on this aspect of it. I like planning, I like things organized, and I like structure. So by organizing the way I shop, prepare and eat food, I am eliminating a lot of the factors that could lead to failure.  While I can't plan for everything (ie. someone stealing my lunch), I am pretty confident that I have a good grasp of what I need to do each week to be successful.

There are a lot of side effects that can occur  during the first few weeks of such drastic food eliminations. While withdraw effects everyone differently,  some of those side effects include headaches, loss of energy, loss of appetite and/or extreme grumpiness.  I like to relate this to becoming a sugar monster. Take away all that artificial sugar and you start to act like a monster! I certainly experienced this with my first Whole30 but since I have tried to limit the sweet treats in my diet I wasn't necessarily expecting the sugar monster syndrome to happen to me this time around. Of course, remember that I started this on the heels of Christmas and New Years where I treated myself to my share of sugary treats, I still didn't think I would experience any sugar withdraws.  Week 1 came and went and I felt great! But week 2 was a different story.  I guess I can't really count Week 1 since I was pretty sick for that week and didn't feel well to begin with, so Week 2 was the first week were I was actually feeling normal and doing normal things. I was back at work and back at the gym. First I experienced the constant hunger, then the headaches and then the constant sleepiness.  So I tried to sleep when I could, eat when I was hungry and drank lots of tea and water.  Sleep fixes everything! :)

I do have to share my moment of pride this week. I went out a few times with friends and did fine with just sipping on soda water, but that wasn't really the challenge this week. The challenge was going to a bridal expo with one of my friends. I knew there would be food samples and came prepared with a bag of carrots and big bottle of soda water just in case of emergencies! Not only were there food samples but it seemed as though every other take had cake samples! And plenty of cake! You could just walk up and have your taste of whatever your heart desired. And if you didn't already know...THIS GIRL LOVES CAKE! So passing table after table of cake was heart breaking. Thankfully I survived without overturning any cake tables and left the building with dignity intact. Mariza-1, Wedding Cake-0

After being out of the gym for most of 2013 due to illness, it felt great to be back and forming some sort of routine. Here is a run down of this week's workouts:
  • Monday: run 8x400m sprints
  • Tuesday: Crossfit and yoga
  • Wednesday: run 6x800 sprints
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Crossfit
  • Saturday: Crossfit and 90 min hot yoga
  • Sunday: 7 miles at 10k pace
My legs are nice and tired after a week of being back in the CF gym and running. I even treated myself to a 90 min massage! Yes..I said 90 mins.  Hey...I passed up cake and survived 90 mins of hot yoga. I deserved it!

14 days down, 44 more to go.

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  1. That's RIGHT cake-0. You inspired me! I would have caved. Probably hard.

    Thank god you were there to eat display fruit with me!!