Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 3

While time continues to go quickly and it is hard to believe I am starting week 4, I think the novelty and excitement around this nutrition program is quickly fading. Week 1 and 2 were not terribly painful for me.  There were more of a reintroduction into the way I had previously been eating before the holidays.  I was getting over a cold while trying to get back into some sort of workout routine and time just passed without me having to really give too much thought about what I was missing out on in terms of food. Week 3 was a bit different. I was feeling back to my normal self, getting in regular workouts and finding myself in many of my normal social situations that presented challenges.  Going out with friends for dinner, drinks, lunch, name it, I was in the situation.  And even if I didn't seek out the situation, challenges presented themselves to me in the form of a Starbucks drink waiting for me on my desk or baked goods given to me as a gift. Normally these things would bring a great big smile to my face, but instead they brought dread and doubt. Dread that I was turning away a nice gesture and doubt about what I had gotten myself into and if I could really finish. So I started thinking really hard about why I was really doing this. Why would I put myself through 8 weeks of deprivation and complicate my life any further then it needed to be. Despite the fact that I am stubborn when it comes to starting something and completing it, this is different. I have nothing to prove to anyone and it won't effect anyone if I don't finish. (Aside from the financial penalties I would face....) So why? Why would I do this?

This question becomes even more important when I try to explain to others what I am doing. I try not to talk too much about what my food choices. I don't want to be that girl that talks about her food constantly, but if someone asks, I am open to telling them about what I am doing. Interestingly, their first reaction is usually.... "oh, I could never do that" or "oh, I would never do that because...." Even though I NEVER recommend or force my choices on others, they are quick to defend their own way of approaching food and to challenge mine. "Why would you give up X?" "I could never turn down Y if it was given to me" "Happy Hour is too big of a part of my life to do that!"
So I have to admit, the more I get this, the more doubt I have.  After all, this is a lot of work. The planning, the preparation, the grocery shopping, the research, and the sole will-power can leave you exhausted.  So when faced with doubt and faced with the questions, I have to remind myself of the reasons and thinking behind why I am doing this and why I will continue to work through this.
  • I have some BIG goals to achieve this year. Physically, in my career and in my life... I want this to be a big year, full of big achievements. And I plan to push myself to meet those goals and to see how far I can go.  So if I am going to ask my body to train for a marathon, complete a century ride AND kick butt at work, I want to be the healthiest person possible. I need and want energy to wake up early, get a head start on my day and take advantage of every opportunity for improvement. The early bird gets the worm, right? And from previous experience, eating this way gives me an insane amount of energy and an alarm clock is not longer needed! That is exactly what I need for 2013. 
  • I will not let this limit what I do or how I enjoy life. Despite the fact that I am limited in what I can eat or drink for the next 8 weeks, I will not let that limit what I do.  Happy hours can still happen, hosting dinner is still possible, and going out with friends is encouraged. I can fully enjoy these things and the people that I am with regardless of what I eat or drink. 
  •  And this might sound strange given how restrictive this program is, but eating this way makes me really appreciate good food. I love food! I love everything about food. I love shopping for it, cooking it, talking about it, sharing it, etc. When you strip away all the additives and processed junk, you give your palate the chance to really taste food. When you don't eat artificial sugar in every meal, you can actually taste the sweetness in carrots. OMG..carrots are so sweet and delicious! You can taste the butteriness of good olive oil, you can appreciate the flavor of  spices and you savor a piece of ripe fruit for its amazing sweetness.  And when you do indulge in a sweet slice of cake, you normally save those indulgences for the best piece of cake you can find. A piece of cake that is known for its greatness and its quality of ingredients and you taste every single bite and will forever remember that time you sat in that great cafe, with that great friend and had that great slice of cake.  Yes, your relationship with food takes on a whole new meaningful and it not only becomes something that nourishes you but something that creates the memories of your life!
So my reasons are few but meaningful. Simply put, I have learned a lot about myself and what makes me thrive, and giving my body the best and most nutritious food does just that. So any investment I can make in myself and my future is worth it.  So bring on the doubt, I am pretty sure I can handle it!!

This week's workouts:
I was in a constant state of soreness this week, which felt great! I got a great 90 min massage on Monday and started doing more yoga which has helped a lot as I have started running more in preparation for a spring marathon.
  • Monday: rest (MASSAGE!)
  • Tuesday:  Crossfit
  • Wednesday: 90 mins of hot power yoga
  • Thursday: Crossfit
  • Friday: Run 8x400 sprints
  • Saturday: Crossfit and 90 mins of hot power yoga
  • Sunday: 90 mins of hot power yoga

Week 4 brings on it's own challenge.... no fruit or nuts! This is a BIG deal for me because I eat A LOT of fruit. My sugar intake is about to go way, way down. Stay tuned. Next week's posting will be interesting.

34 more days to go!

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