About Me

Hello and welcome to My Indulge.
Thanks for visiting my blog! Originally from New Mexico, I currently live in Arlington, VA with my two fur children, Hera and Sasha.

They may look innocent, but like every brother and sister combo, they love to hate each other!

I am a wanna-be runner, Crossfitter, chef, photographer, foodie and blogger. These are all things that make me happy and all things I wish I could devote more time to! Any time spent doing any of these things is truly indulgent for my busy life.

I am a goal setter and planner. Nothing motivates me more than setting a goal and developing a plan to achieve that goal! While plans change and goals shift, I am most content when I am working towards improving myself and improving the lives of those around me.

I look forward to documenting and sharing my journey of trying new things, testing my ability, and learning more about myself.

Leave me comments, suggestions and questions!